Pay-Per-Lead Program

It’s time to take you to the top of your industry!

Our objective is to increase the number of new leads coming to you. 

Just like any other business you need to find leads, and close deals to get paid. Having the right lead source will take your business to the next level and help you build your online presence.

Please read through the information carefully and, if satisfied, you can register for one of our Pay-Per-Lead Packages and get started right-a-way!

Lead Sources

High Converting Lead Sources

We have already done the hard work for your industry. We understand exactly who we’re trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things.

We have built campaigns that zero-in on your most profitable target audience(s). We use industry-leading tools to discover your potential customer’s online activities, interests, and specific demographics. We track conversions closely to assess not only what works well, but also where there are opportunities for improvement.

Leads We Offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Residential Solar
  • Bail Bonds
  • Criminal Defense

Data Capturing Funnels

Having designed many Lead Pages and Funnels in our 19 years we have discovered the components that lead to having HIGH conversions.

Funnel Pages

Attractive Hook

We will then market a contest with a Gift Card prize to attract our target audience.

Creative Call-To-Action

We’ll strategically place CTA links encouraging visitors to “Enter To Win” in which we capture basic contact information.

Industry Lead Form

Once someone responds we will attempt to have them fill out a Lead Form and/or survey.  Each Industry will have a unique survey completed that will help increase the quality of the submission.

Lead Management

Send Leads To CRM Software

Based on your industry, we have pre-created Ad Campaigns that have proven to generate results ad will be distributed across the best suited networks.

Leads will begin flowing into your CRM account based on the criteria you selected during registration.

Ads Managed By Experts

On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our PPC experts will access and optimize the active campaigns. This may include removing underperforming ads/audiences, testing new ads/audiences and adding negative keywords to improve quality score.  This will continuously improve your conversion rates.


It will take around 24-48 hours to get your first lead.

What's Next?

Step 1: Select Campaign Type
Step 2: Select Industry
Step 3: Identify Geographical Service Area

Start Your Campaign

Select How Many Leads You Want

You’ll determine for yourself the lead volume you can manage.  You just tell us how many you want and we’ll get them to you.

Campaign Options

Select a campaign type below and begin setting up your account.

Lead Campaigns

Great Quality, Lowest Cost
$ 10 Starting At $10/Per Lead
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Receive lead within 5 min of submission
  • Set campaign parameters
  • Validate Phone Numbers
  • Proof of form fill
If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.